Santander and Oxentia Foundation announce 20 finalists in blockchain challenge

The best projects

The 20 finalists (click here to find out more about their projects) stood out for their solutions to boost productivity and employment while solving important societal problems in challenges to reinforce user privacy and security in blockchain networks, promote decentralized finance (“DeFi”; i.e. without financial intermediaries) and tokenization, and boost online engagement with users through Web3 and the metaverse.

Start-up Category finalists were: Salus – Governance of Health Data (Spain), a co-op that helps citizens share their medical data for research purposes; Finteum (UK), an interbank treasury platform for swaps and repos; Prosperas (US), which enables lenders to qualify neglected people for credit; Heimdall Technologies (Argentina), which uses blockchain technology to track environmental regeneration; Agrotoken (Argentina), the first company to create stable currency backed by agro-commodities; Biztribution (Spain), which uses blockchain technology to revolutionize air travel retailing; Rastra (Brazil), which tracks supply chains and creates consumer data NFTs in the form of a digital passport; Win (Spain), a platform for smart, blockchain-backed investment in the sports industry; SharpShark (Chile), which uses blockchain technology to manage intellectual property; and Proofmarked ltd (UK), which “bootstraps trust and legitimacy to the web”.

Scale-up finalists are: nChain UK (UK), which helps central banks issue digital currency for citizens to use in retail payments; Xcapit (Argentina), a self-custodial, open-code wallet to invest in DeFi products; Validated ID (Spain), which works with decentralized digital IDs; Zumo Enterprise (UK) — smart digital assets for fintechs and banks; Origino (Argentina), which uses tokenization to track supply chains. KornChain Limited (UK), a programmable digital currency that enhances next-generation payment platforms; Valora (US), a crypto wallet for global payments and decentralized finance apps; Almond Fintech (US), an international fund transfer company that uses blockchain to facilitate cross-border payments; W2 Global Data Solutions (UK), which performs identity and age verification to be shared among merchants anonymously; and  WishKnish Corp (US), accounting technology platform with solutions for e-commerce, supply chains and communications.

EUR 120,000 in prizes will be distributed among the six winning projects: EUR 30,000 for the three winning start-ups (EUR 10,000 to each one) and EUR 90,000 for the three winning scale-ups (EUR 30,000 to each one). Winners will also gain membership to Santander X 100, an exclusive and global entrepreneurship community for top Santander X projects that connects them with the resources they need to grow, such as advice and training, capital, clients, talent and networking.

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