Cross Staking Team Championed Eco-Friendly Blockchain Development at ETHBarcelona 2022

Vladislav Sopov

Cross Staking, a novel staking ecosystem that works with both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, shared details of its agenda on ETHBarcelona


  • Cross Staking team debuted on ETH Barcelona in July 2022
  • New opportunities for scaling and staking

Cross Staking, a next-gen platform for passive income through staking and eco-friendly scaling of various blockchains, made it to ETH Barcelona, the first-ever conference by Ethereum’s key figureheads.

Cross Staking team debuted on ETH Barcelona in July 2022

According to the official statement shared by the Cross Staking team, it attended ETHBarcelona, one of the most anticipated events for the global Ethereum (ETH) community.

Cross Staking team makes it to ETHBarcelona
Image by Cross Staking

Organized on July 6-8, 2022, this event brought together more than 2,000 Web3 experts, engineers, software developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The event was inspired by environmental movement SolarPunk and put the eco-friendliness of blockchain’s progress in focus.

Together with Ethereum (ETH) heavyweights ConsenSys, Gitcoin and Giveth, representatives of Cross Staking held a speech on the environmental aspects of the blockchain revolution.


Cross Staking contributed a lot to making blockchain carbon-neutral: its proprietary technology allows it to secure PoW networks using PoS technologies to completely abandon mining.

New opportunities for scaling and staking

Cross Staking representatives highlighted that this approach is a productive one when it comes to saving resources and environmental protection:

For example, from the first decentralized Bitcoin cryptocurrency with a consumption of 91 terawatt-hours, the industry is gradually moving to technologies like ETH 2.0, which consumes hundreds of times less energy. Thus, the development of the cryptocurrency market today is the development of highly ecological and in-demand technologies of the future in society.

Ulrich Gallersdörfer, CEO of CCRI, claimed that with the inception of such technologies, PoW miners should be ready to change their business model:

Against the background of growing discussions about the regulation of PoW cryptocurrencies, miners should think about switching to the so-called green protocol, which does not require energy consumption as in mining.

As covered by U.Today previously, Cross Staking is an ecosystem of staking providers that allows users to generate passive income from both the PoS and PoW cryptocurrencies.

It also allows first-gen blockchains to scale in an eco-friendly manner, using PoS as a secure consensus layer.

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