5 Of The Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Follow

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CNBC-TV18 unpack the 5 best crypto YouTube channels you should consider following.

The cryptosphere is a fast-moving world. Even on its calm days, there are plenty of price movements, new entrants, and sudden events. As a crypto trader or investor, staying on top of these developments is key to making the right money moves.

However, staying in the know can also be complicated, especially with so many things to keep track of. This is where crypto YouTubers come in. They offer all the essential updates on the daily happenings of the cryptosphere, so you can stay ahead of the crypto game and make informed decisions with your holdings. So, tag along as we unpack 5 of these YouTube channels you should consider following.

1. BitBoy Crypto:

With over 1.44 million subscribers, BitBoy Crypto is perhaps one of the most popular crypto YouTubers. His channel offers the latest crypto news, project reviews, and trading advice. The frequency of his videos is also pretty high, with an average of 4 or 5 clips posted daily. One of the reasons why this channel is so popular is because Ben Armstrong, the man behind BitBoy, can package deep crypto analysis into titbits of digestible and fun content.

2. Coin Bureau: In the 3 or 4 years that Coin Bureau has been around, it has managed to rack up more than 156 million views on its video content. Guy Turner, the man behind Coin Bureau, doesn’t post as often as BitBoy. Turner usually posts a video a day, and it is usually a deep dive into the most happening event during that period.

For instance, his latest video is about Cardano’s Vasil fork, which is set to go live in the next few days. His clips are very informative and offer a comprehensive understanding of the most important happenings in the cryptosphere. It’s one of the reasons why the channel has more than 2.11 million subscribers.

3. Benjamin Cowen: If you’re looking for excellent technical advice, then Benjamin Cowen is the channel you should follow. He usually offers an unbiased, top-level, long-term view of the markets. What’s more is that he tends to break down and simplify concepts, making them easier to understand even if you have only a basic understanding of technical indicators. However, his videos are generally rooted in Bitcoin, Ethereum and a handful of other popular altcoins. Therefore, Cowen might not be your guy if you are looking for technical analysis of trending coins.

4. Altcoin Daily: Run by brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold, this channel covers everything from news to market analysis and everything in between. Their videos are very informative and quite frequent as well, with nearly two clips posted every day. The channel also features insightful interviews with some of the brightest minds from the cryptosphere. It has over 133 million views and more than 1.2 million subscribers.

5. Ivan on Tech: This is a unique channel. Instead of giving his own opinions on a given matter, Ivan Liljeqvist, the man behind the channel, invites noted personalities from the crypto and blockchain industry to answer complex questions and provide insights on various issues. His uploads are not so frequent, but they are informative and in-depth, allowing for substantial learning.

Another great thing about Ivan on Tech is that his videos are usually live streamed and offer subscribers the opportunity to ask questions to the subject matter experts being interviewed.

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